Hotel Kiosks and hotel kiosk software

The use of Hotel Kiosks within the hospitality industry is now becoming the norm. Kiosks are now an expected access point for improved customer service. The benefites of having a kiosk within your establishment are now well proven due to their efficiency and low-cost.

Within a hotel environment, a normal kiosk may be suitable. Let us advise you on the perfect kiosk set-up to suit your requirements. To get the most benefit from a kiosk you will likely have to include specialist software, chip and pin, printer and door-card producing funtionality. We can guide you through the complete kiosk procurement process.

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The total customer facing solution?

Customers are not expecting to be greeted by a kiosk when traveling on Business or leisure. They are already an accepted, even preferred, way for people to check-in at Airports or to retrieve local information.

Kiosk software is also developing fast and a hotel can now double up the effectiveness of their lobby by utilising roaming mobile technology as part of their overal guest satisfaction strategy. Kiosk check-in software can be replicated on an Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Smartphone or other forms of mobile technology. The same screens can also supply guests with important and up to date information. This gives great power to your concierge to satisfy a customer's needs in an efficient and timely manner.

A kiosk never sits there doing nothing! When a customer is not directly interacting with it to ascertain information, looks at the bookings, or making a new booking, it will be showcasing your brand as a digital signage medium.

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